West of Tomorrow

Change hunts us down in our sleep...

Fifteen years after leaving the Corps, decorated Marine Colonel Clay Conover has a successful second career and a long term plan. But those plans do not take into account his company’s hiring of Sheera Prasad. Young, hungry and ambitious, she’s a lovely confusion of drives that threaten to sidetrack not only Clay’s career but his life.

In this story of corporate intrigue, betrayal and misplaced love, Clay confronts the conflicting loyalties to organization who employs him, the people with whom he works, his career and his own ethical precepts. Will he cave in to our Age of ethical flexibility and rapidly shifting paradigms, or will Clay’s journey lead him to the phoenix that lives in all of us?

What reviewers are saying...

Let me begin by saying Dirk Sayers is a polished author and has provided an intelligent and interesting read. The novel follows Clay, a troubled retired Marine officer, who has moved into the upper echelons of the business world. He seems to have gotten his life together until he hasn’t. There are many books on the market about women having to re-invent themselves, but the fascination of West of Tomorrow is to follow this man’s point of view. Like so many who found themselves blindsided by the realities of a failing economy and shrinking job market, Clay finds himself facing challenges at an age when they are least expected. Moral, ethical and business dilemmas his prior life experiences hadn’t prepared him for loom large. Life in the business world is a war he never had to face in the jungles of Asia, but it is just as treacherous and brings its own perils. I was rooting for Clay as I turned every page. Five Stars. (ADV)

An amazing page turner with strong characters and plausible, compelling situations that can and do happen every day but as the title implies there is a deeper message. There were times that I just couldn’t put it down. This is Mr. Sayers’ first novel and it’s an outstanding offering with real life characters and prose worthy of a seasoned writer. Five Stars. (MSR)

The further I got into the book the harder it was to put down all the while becoming more engaging and insightful. Dirk Sayers portrayal of his main character Clay is filled with life events that many can identify with and in some cases admire while keeping Clay very likable and real. I found myself rereading many a passage thinking that the author has succeeded in giving a voice to real issues surrounding accountability and leadership on a personal, business and even governmental level. The authors’ real success is leading the reader through these thought provoking moments while keeping them wrapped up in an engaging story line, with realistic characters, that keeps you wanting more. This is a good book, to be enjoyed by both men and women, and well worth taking the time to read. Five Stars. (CRS)

West of Tomorrow is available from Amazon in both paperback and Kindle formats.