West of Tomorrow

Change hunts us down in our sleep...

Clay Conover, retired Marine officer turned corporate trainer has successfully re-careered and has a long-term plan. A plan grounded in duty, loyalty and tempered by clear-eyed realism. Unfortunately, Clay’s plan doesn’t account for the hiring of Sheera Prasad. Young, hungry and ambitious, Sheera has an agenda of her own.

In the collision of wills that follows, Clay will be confronted with a choice that will define him, not simply professionally but personally. Will he take the ethical high road, or opt for self-serving rationalization? West of Tomorrow is an intelligent romance, laced with corporate intrigue, betrayal and the undiscovered phoenix living in all of us.

What readers are saying about West of Tomorrow

“Let me begin by saying Dirk Sayers is a polished author and has provided an intelligent and interesting read. The novel follows Clay, a troubled retired Marine officer, who has moved into the upper echelons of the business world. He seems to have gotten his life together until he hasn’t…Clay finds himself facing challenges at an age when they are least expected. Moral, ethical and business dilemmas his prior life experiences hadn’t prepared him for loom large. Life in the business world is a war he never had to face in the jungles of Asia, but it is just as treacherous and brings its own perils. I was rooting for Clay as I turned every page.” 5-Stars  ADV

“An insightful look into the lack of values within our corporate world, while spinning a great tale of lust, deception, and redemptive love. Sayers’ poignant line ‘Only fools confuse the necessary with the good’ will not be forgotten.” 5-Stars. T.P.

“The protagonist of this book, Clay, has moral muscle as well as the disciplined muscles of life in the military. He wears his brand into the corporate world, expecting to find codes and linear logic there. Though the military may have had politics, which Clay navigated well, the corporate world is another beast. When your boss is a friend, yet a woman of mystery allures, there will be fireworks. Will they blow up in Clay’s face and end his encore career? Turn page after page to learn the truth as told convincingly by this great, emerging writer of fiction. The layers of conflict are astonishing – and compelling! I recommend this book!” 5-Stars PJC

D.B. Sayers is a retired Marine officer, retired corporate trainer and the published author of four books. His latest work, Tier Zero, Vol. I of the Knolan Cycle, is the first in a science fiction series chronicling first contact between Earth and Knolan Concordant. Tier Zero is available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle formats.