West of Tomorrow

Change hunts us down in our sleep...

Fifteen years after leaving the Corps, retired Marine Colonel Clay Conover has a successful career and a long term plan. But the plans he’s made do not take into account the hiring of Sheera Prasad. Young, hungry and ambitious, she threatens to sidetrack not only his career but his life.

In the struggle that follows, Clay must choose between the ethical high road or the ambiguity of self-serving rationalization.

In this contemporary novel, Dirk combines 22 years’ experience as a Marine officer with his subsequent career in corporate America. West of Tomorrow is a story of corporate intrigue, betrayal, misplaced love and the phoenix living in all of us.

Fifty (50) percent of all the royalties earned from the  sale of West of Tomorrow, print or electronic are donated to the Disabled American Veterans.

What readers are saying about West of Tomorrow...

“What stood out for me was his [Dirk’s] characters. You can see them, hear them, in some cases, even feel them.” Petra A.
“...Dirk Sayers is a polished author who has provided an intelligent and interesting read. There are many books on the market about women reinventing themselves, but the fascination of West of Tomorrow is following this journey from a man’s perspective.” ADV
“Sayers’ poignant line...'Only fools confuse the necessary with the good...’ will not soon be forgotten! T. Parvin
“An amazing page-turner with strong characters in plausible, compelling situations that can and do happen every day but as the title implies there’s a deeper message.” M. Wright

Best Case Scenario: Act I of Nyra's Journey

“Isn’t hope in some form our best case scenario?”

More than a year out of college, Nyra’s beginning to wonder when her life gets started. Was it like this for her mother? She doubts it, but things were different, back then. Nyra’s reality is nothing like her mother’s.

Nyra gets that every generation faces its own challenges and she’s smart enough to know that it’s on her to overcome them. That’s why she’s worked two jobs all through college, studied so hard and tried not to worry too much about her mounting student loan debt.

Still, this feeling of wading through wet cement is getting old. Buried somewhere deep in the half-formed jumble of dreams for her future, Nyra hears the siren song of hope whispering to her. She’s so ready. But is the song she hears really hope or just hopeful illusion. Nyra would be lying if she claimed to know.

Fifty (50) percent of all royalties earned through the  sale of Best Case Scenario, print or electronic are donated to Stand Up for Racial Justice.

Act I of Nyra's Journey in search of her authentic self

What readers are saying about Best Case Scenario

"follows the main character Nyra's foray into independence as a young woman unsure of which path to follow...peppered with spicy moments. An interesting and enjoyable read. A worthy second offering by Mr. Sayers." S.F.
"You hit it out of the park with this one!" VG.
“The sex scenes are white-hot. Not clichéd and they go way beyond the physical. The emotion, packed with insecurities and internal dialog left me wanting more.” T. R.
“My only complaint is I wanted more. Act I suggests there’s a sequel or two coming? Yes, please!” M. R.

Through the Windshield: Drive-by Lives

Truth is a shapeshifter. Sometimes it slams into us in a head-on collision, changing everything in an eye blink. But more often, truth arrives camouflaged in the ordinary, it’s significance becoming clear only upon reflection.

Sooner or later, we realize we are at once our own jailors and the instruments of our own freedom, streaking toward a destiny lurking just beyond our headlights.

This anthology contains short stories first published in other anthologies as well as original stories published for the first time in this volume  Also included are several excerpts from his previous books adapted for inclusion here as well as an introduction to the  pilot volume of his upcoming science fiction tale of first contact between Earth and Knola.

"This collection of short stories is delightful. The mood and manner in which he tells different stories are engaging. A must-read...!" OBE
"...many of the topics are thought-provoking. If you want to read stories with a message, I think you'll enjoy." DS
"Diversity of voice and the ability to draw the reader in are in my opinion, the mark of a fine writer. Mr. Sayers displays both in his latest offering." ADV

Tier Zero, Volume I of the Knolan Cycle

Two bedrock articles of faith woven into much of science fiction writing chronicling hypothetical  first contact between Earth and aliens are that we will necessarily know when it happens and that alien motives for that contact are likely to be malevolent. 

In Tier Zero, Volume I of the Knolan Cycle, first contact between Earth and Knola happened over 30 years ago. For an even so profoundly impactful, it seems strange that the event has escaped everyone’s notice. But that’s what’s happened and life on Earth (or Kurrithaal as the Knolans call it) goes on in apparent blissful ignorance that anything significant has taken place.

As for Knolan motives in making contact in the first place? Let’s just say its…complicated.

"Author Sayers brings us a great plot shot full of action set in space! The writing style was polished and had a very natural flow. Sci-Fi is not always my go-to genre but I do enjoy them every once in a while. This one definitely kept me engaged throughout! This is a great read and even those who are not sci-fi fans will definitely love it!" Texas Book Nook.
"In Tier Zero, the first book of a trilogy, D. B. Sayers is inventive in his world-building and intricate in his assembly of characters in that world. He creates advanced technology but evokes its similarity in form to present-day equipment and knowledge to make the reader believe...I found himself flipping through the pages and completely lost track of time while reading one night." R.Morgan
"This book was a journey of discovery, humor, love and fierce anticipation. I couldn’t put it down and I actually fell in Both love and Hate with the characters. Mr. Sayers goes outside the box of what the iconcept of the extra terrestrial . He has me hooked, I Closed the book excited to read the sequel! Read it, you’ll be stuck!" Leslie Baffa