Through the Windshield-Drive-by Lives

Truth is a Shapeshifter...

Truth is a shapeshifter. Sometimes it slams into us, changing everything in an eye-blink. But more often, truth arrives camouflaged in the ordinary, its significance becoming clear only upon reflection. Sooner or later, we realize that we are at once our own jailers and the authors of our freedom, streaking toward a destiny, lurking just beyond our headlights.

This anthology is a collection of Dirk’s short stories as well as excerpts from previously published works, as well as a preview of Tier Zero, Vol. I of the Knolan Cycle, the pilot volume in a science fiction series chronicling first contact between Earth and the Knolan Concordant.

What readers say about "Through the Windshield"

“Diversity of voice and the ability to draw the reader in are, to me, the mark of a fine writer. Mr. Sayers displays both in his latest offering. In his short stories, the reader has a true sense of place , “Sinbad’s Sofa” lets the reader smell the gas and oil in the shop, see the stained sofa in their mind’s eye, and feel the emotions of the young man in the story. Emotions are the key to many of Mr. Sayer’s stories. Conveyed with spare visuals and described in everyday settings, the reader is caught off-guard, making the emotions all the more moving and powerful. I also found the “tease” of his existing books helpful to give a good idea of the wide scope of this author’s talents as he changes voice and genre with ease.” 5-Stars. CMG

“His collection of diverse short stories is delightful. He has a gift to draw you in as if you are there experiencing the story with him. The mood and the manner in which he tells the different stories are engaging as he changes the tone and “person” as the author. These short stories are engaging … a must read. Enjoy!” 5-Stars OB

“What I admired the most about Sayers’ collection of short stories was his ability to switch his voice from one story to another. In the first few stories, the author writes with emotion and nostalgia. His voice is tender and smooth, and he takes his reader with him on this ride toward the past. The memories of a cat which represents a time in the past that would never go away, or diving into the heart of America through watching a little boy in a dying little town. first stories were my favorite. Moving and powerful writing.
But his last few stories, all excerpts from his Tier Zero series, have a different tone, and the voice is more suited for Sayers’ amazing imagination in building a totally new world with its own rules, and language, and of course technologies.” 4-Stars IB