What's coming up...

What follows are the events upcoming, known and projected that might be of interest to my readers. If not, by all means, skim past to things that actually are. Further down, you’ll find a kind of historical collage of things of at least hypothetical literary interest that did happen, at some point. If history repeats itself (or as someone once quipped, at least rhymes, it may be of interest to someone. 

I’ll make a concerted effort to keep this updated. People who know me well are likely to suggest you not hold your breath, but…best of intentions, anyway. What’s that line? Life’s what happens while you’re making other plans?

May 2022

May. (TBD)

I’ve recently taken over the OC Writers’ Space as the Organizer/Facilitator. Hoping to restart a dormant author’s group in S. Orange County and contributing to the growth of new and established authors.


May 1st.

Subscribers to Smoke Signals can expect the May edition to come out in the next few days.