Best Case Scenario-Act I of Nyra’s Journey

Isn't hope in some form our best case scenario?

More than a year out of college, Nyra Westensee is struggling with a constellation of identity issues, personal & professional. She’s done everything right, so far as she can tell. She’s taken her studies seriously and worked two jobs, all through college, trying not to obsess over her mounting student loan debt. So why isn’t it coming together?

Nyra senses that the paradigms are shifting & she knows it’s on her to come up with her own solutions on her way to her most authentic self. Still, this feeling of wading through wet cement is getting old. In the half-formed jumble of her dreams for the future, she can hear the hopeful siren song of tomorrow calling. But is the she thinks she hears really hope, or just illusion?

Best-Case Scenario is the first act in Nyra’s journey of growth from a thoughtful young woman with as many questions as answers to her dawning maturity and sophistication with a life of promise and purpose in front of her.

What reviewers say about Best Case Scenario

“A marvelous story from Mr. Sayers. Told from the perspective of a woman at a pivotal point in her life, ‘Best Case Scenario’ carefully expresses the pains of a certain generation through the eyes of one character who is all at once heartbroken, in love, juggling family with other relationships, and above all else, dealing with the future’s uncertainty. Worth a read (or two).” 5-Stars. CM

“Dirk Sayers’ latest novel is a prime read, and a prime example of why honesty in fiction is so compelling. Best Case Scenario is entertaining, emotional, and thought provoking. Sayers’ wisdom, life experience, and unique perspective, shine through effortless prose to show the realities and struggles of those growing up in this complex, modern era–and in a way that anyone with a pulse can relate.I am definitely looking forward to Act 2 !” 5-Stars. BF

I liked what Sayers’ tried to express through the plot and characters. I really enjoyed the thought put behind everything. It was an emotional and thought provoking read. 5- Stars. Book Addict Reviews.

D.B. Sayers is the author of four books and currently working on two more including The Year of Maybes, Act II of Nyra’s Journey. Dirk is a long time California resident & the facilitator of the Advanced Fiction Group.