Through the Windshield-coming in September.

Truth is a shapeshifter. Some events in our lives slam into us, like a head-on collision, altering our lives and perceptions in an instant. Others arrive camouflaged in the ordinary, their significance and meaning coming to us years later. 

We are at once our own jailers and the instruments of our own freedom, streaking toward our destiny, lurking just beyond our headlights.

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In West of Tomorrow, Clay Conover, decorated Marine turned corporate trainer  confronts his tortured past and an uncertain future in a crisis of conscience and identity. While training Sheera Prasad, a rising star cherry-picked from another company he learns corporate has hired the woman he’s training to unseat their boss. He's safe if he goes along to get along, but what about loyalty? And if he doesn’t go along, won’t he be fired as well? Whatever Clay chooses, nothing will ever be the same.

Readers of Dirk’s first novel, West of Tomorrow say...

  • A great read with a deeper message. An amazing page turner with strong characters and plausible, compelling situations that can and do happen every day but as the title implies there is a deeper message. There were times that I just couldn't put it down. This is Mr. Sayer’s first novel and it’s an outstanding offering with real life characters and prose worthy of a seasoned writer. MM
  • Dirk Sayers has a winner with this well-written and thoughtful book. I found myself rereading many a passage thinking that the author has succeeded in giving a voice to real issues surrounding accountability and leadership on a personal, business and even governmental level. The authors’ real success is leading the reader through these thought provoking moments while keeping them wrapped up in an engaging story line, with realistic characters, that keeps you wanting more. This is a good book, to be enjoyed by both men and women, and well worth taking the time to read. Semper Fi

Coming in the fall, 2017. Volume I of the Nyra Westensee story.




Buried deep in a jumble of dreams fashioned chance experiences, half-remembered and only half-right lies Nyra's version of her best case scenario. 

Hope whispers to her through promise and pain all wrapped in memory and loud with her youth and hypothetical options. Nyra can only wonder when it's all going to start, for her...or if. Didn't she dutifully attack every challenge in hopeful optimism? She knows the answer to that...she did.  So when will it be her turn?