West of Tomorrow, A Romance of Shifting Truths

Tomorrow is on the horizon…

Recently, a slight acquaintance from the gym where I work out asked me about my first novel, West of Tomorrow. I did what all writers have been schooled to do…I launched into my thirty second elevator pitch. He listened politely, then asked the question he really wanted answered, specifically: “Do you think I will like it?”

It’s the dreaded question every author faces, at some point. The obvious answer is, “I don’t know for sure, but I think you might.” Underlying my acquaintance’s question is the dilemma every author faces with (at least) his/her first work.

With the barriers to publication gone, anyone with the focus and the drive can write a book and get it “out there.” As a result, half a million titles (+/-) were released in English, last year.  But with all these choices out there, why should you or anyone read West of Tomorrow? I thought you’d never ask…

West of Tomorrow is an intelligent, thought-provoking romance following nine pivotal months in the life of Clay Conover. Confronted with an unexpected end to his second career, we watch him deal with betrayal and misplaced love on the back side of middle age. Faced with the near-simultaneous disintegration of his love life and career, Clay confronts a dwindling set of options and limited time available to implement them. As happens so often in times of shifting paradigms and great change, he finds himself in position where neither his skills nor what he knows are enough. He must reinvent himself, personally and professionally…on the fly.

On the professional level, he is in no position to retire. Clay has savings enough (he hopes) to get through a prolonged unemployment, but it’s not inexhaustible. And he has a past he must confront and come to terms with before he can move on to the future he wants to create. Along the way, Clay deals with some of the disquieting realities of the new millennium and the elusive questions of fulfillment  and how much control we have over outcomes.

Above all, West of Tomorrow it is about finding of the phoenix in ourselves when (as happens to most of us) we find ourselves standing on the edge of cliff, half an hour west of a future at once exciting and uncertain.

West of Tomorrow is a cross-genre work of corporate intrigue, betrayal, misplaced love and the phoenix living in all of us, now on sale on Amazon. In this contemporary tale, Dirk leverages his experiences as a retired marine officer, corporate trainer and district manager to bring us this thoughtful story of self-reinvention in our turbulent time of shifting paradigms and runaway change.

Dirk is the organizer/facilitator of the Advanced Fiction Group, an collection of published and aspiring authors living in South Orange County. His current projects include Through the Windshield, an anthology of short stories due out in  and 2017 Tier Zero, Volume I of The Knolan Cycle, a story of first contact between Earth and the Knolan Alliance, currently in editing.



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