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Where are we when we're half an hour West of Tomorrow?

A thoughtful romance of corporate intrigue, betrayal and misplaced love in our age of shifting paradigms and flexible ethics.

In West of Tomorrow, re-careered Marine Colonel Clay Conover confronts his checkered past and uncertain future in a crisis of conscience and identity. While training Sheera Prasad, a rising star corporate has cherry-picked from another company, he learns she’s been hired her to unseat their boss, a man Clay has always admired.

If Clay goes along to get along, corporate is prepared to make it worth his while. Complicating Clay’s looming decision is his budding relationship with Sheera. Clay’s decision will affect the lives of many, including his own. Will he choose self-serving rationalization or the ethical high road? West of Tomorrow is a tale of corporate intrigue, betrayal, misplaced love and the phoenix living in all of us.

Now available on Amazon in paperback and kindle formats.

A tale intrigue, betrayal and renewal

Isn't hope in some form our Best Case Scenario?

Act I of Nyra's journey

In Best Case Scenario, Nyra Westensee struggles with a constellation of identity issues, personal & professional, in our age of swirling change and paradigm shifts. Facing a mountain of student loan debt, there’s urgency in her job search…an urgency rendered more frustrating by the dawning suspicion she prepared for a future that will no longer exist, in 15 years.  

As if her professional uncertainties were not enough, Nyra is still waiting for her personal life to get started. Deep down, she wants to love and to be loved. Not too much to ask, she thinks and while she’s not drop-dead gorgeous, she has a pleasant face, a nice figure and a lot to offer the right someone. So…what’s wrong with her?

Best Case Scenario is the pilot volume in a series following Nyra’s growth from young woman with more questions than answers, to her dawning sophistication and a life of promise and purpose…if she can just get out of her own way.

Now available from Amazon in paperback and Kindle formats.

Coming in November, 2018 in paperback, Kindle & epub!

Through the Windshield: Drive-by Encounters with Life

“We are our choices.” John Paul Satre

Truth is a shapeshifter. Some events in our lives slam into us like a head-on collision, leaving us in no doubt with regard to their significance. Others arrive camouflaged in the ordinary, their significance and meaning only coming to us years alter, after reflection and (sometimes) many more hard lessons.

We are at once our own jailers and the authors of our own freedom, streaking toward a destiny, lurking just beyond our headlights.

Through the Windshield takes the reader on a journey through the ordinary and extraordinary, that populates our hearts, our dreams and our nightmares. Who are we really? Where are we going and how will we know when we get there? Do these questions even have answers? Read and decide for yourself.

An collection of short stories from the Interstate of life

Tier Zero Volume I of the Knolan Cycle (Coming in 2019)

The Awakening Begins

First contact between the Knolan Alliance and Earth took place thirty two years ago. This would come as a surprise to the hypothetical authorities on Earth (or Kurrithaal, as the Knolans refer to it) 

But it isn’t just humans on Earth obsessing over their the latest natural disaster or political scandals in for a surprise. Lysia, one of only two Seekers assigned to settle in on Earth and await the Awakening (or Attaru) as they call it, is startled from a sound sleep by the unmistakable resonance of a Seed awakening. 

It’s way too early for Attaru, but Lysia has been exhaustively trained and despite her inexperience, she’s certain the awakening one is a half-Knolan Seed. The implications are potentially far-reaching…not simply for Knola, but for the unsuspecting awakening Seed, whose life is about to change forever.