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Dirk Sayers, the Author

Dirk Sayers was born in Hammond, Indiana and grew up in a university town, in Iowa. His formative years were spent with one foot in the simplicity of farm country and the other in the complexity of a university town immersed in science, technology and the social upheaval of the sixties.  He managed to survive it all, sometimes in spite of himself.

 After graduating from Iowa State University, he was commissioned a Lieutenant in the Marine Corps.  He served for 22 years on five continents, during peace and war. He was decorated five times and retired as a Lieutenant Colonel. On retiring, he discovered, (among other things), his  experience and six dollars would get him a cup of coffee everywhere…but not necessarily a job.

Accordingly, Dirk took an eighteen month sabbatical to earn a Master’s degree in Organizational Management/Development. Hired shortly after completing his thesis by a home decor manufacturer/retailer, he applied his new degree as a Corporate Trainer (twice) and District Manager (also twice).  After eleven years with the same company, Dirk was cordially invited to leave and not return…along with many of the men and women he helped train. Many still keep in touch.

Since then, Dirk has published numerous articles and a few short stories as well as one non-fiction book, The Woman’s No-Fear Guide to Online Dating.   He has also finished a contemporary novel, WEST OF TOMORROW and is in the final throes of publishing it. He is also working on the first volume of a science fiction trilogy, under the working title of the Knolan Chronicles & an anthology of short stories, under the title THROUGH THE WINDSHIELD; HEAD-ON COLLISIONS WITH TRUTH.

Dirk is the facilitator of an author’s group that meets regularly in nearby Irvine and serves as President of his Homeowner’s Association. He has one grown daughter who is out on her own.  He currently lives in Laguna Niguel with his lady, two psychotic cats and a Ball Python. His author’s web site is dirksayers.com where he blogs about a variety of issues of interest to us all & posts the latest news regarding his writings.


Author on the Slopes





Mammoth rarely disappoints, even when the wind is howling and the snow is waist deep, but on days like this the sun always goes down too soon!





Winter is a special time for skiers and surfers in California.  If you have the time and the inclination you can do both in one day, as long as you start early.  Or you can choose one and really focus.  These days, I find myself choosing the snow, a lot.

Skiing the face of three

The author on the face of Three









Regardless of the time of year, there are always critters in the Sayers house.  Below Contessa d’ Kiki exercises her absolute and undisputed right to “Dad’s” recliner, proving once again that humans do not own cats…cats deign to permit humans to serve their every need.

Cat lounging in a leather recliner

Contessa di Kiki asserting her hegemony over the household










Then there’s the Ball Python.  Below, Corona takes a post-molt drink while showing off his fresh color.

Ball Python drinking

Corona guzzling water after shed









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